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In Japan, artisans with particularly high-levels of skills, using advanced technology to create their pieces, are known as “takumi.” Through GANSO, we will introduce products made by “takumi” which incorporate modern technology and traditional Japanese knowledge, making it easy for you to find products that would usually not be available outside of Japan. It takes a really long time to train to be recognised as a “takumi,” therefore, even in Japan, the number of “takumi” is not very high. The “Takumi” category of our site will consist of products made by these rare, highly-skilled artisans who combine advanced technology with traditional crafts. You can find such high-quality products, often considered to be the epitome of excellence even in Japan, on our site. ※We also offer TAKUMI experiences for those who want to try their hand at the crafts (*fees apply). If you’re interested, please contact us by filling out the GANSO enquiry form.