Hello everyone! We shall be launching our website this month, in January 2019! Through our site, people will be able to get their hands on popular Japanese products that are often difficult to find outside of Japan. We have both Japanese and Arab people working together to provide safety and surety to our users, whether it’s in terms of purchases, deliveries, or customer support. Additionally, we not only wish to promote cultural exchange between Japan and the MENA region, but we also hope to create a place where people can search for new and interesting experiences to add to their lives. Stay tuned for more soon!


Creating Bonds Between the Middle East and Japan - that’s what the GANSO logo represents. There are various meanings to our brand and its logo. First, there is the Japanese meaning to the word GANSO, it refers to a person who takes initiative to take the very first step. You may have noticed the two dots next to the G; they stand for the two different regions and their cultures, the Middle East and Japan. You might wonder if there is a connection to Arabic too. Well, there is. If you turn the logo 90 degrees to the left (as in the 2nd photo), you’ll realise that it resembles the Arabic character for “g.” With GANSO we aim to become the first service to connect these two worlds. These are the ideas that have gone into the making of our brand.


CEO/Project Founder
Toshiyuki Sugiura
MENA Region Manager/Project Founder
Abubakr Birkia
Team Manager
Ken Akashi
Team Member
Ryo Hara
Team Member
Abdulaziz Al-f
Team Member
Mohamed Elfeky
GANSO Supporter
Reo Ishikawa (Usama)
GANSO Supporter
Kaori Kobayashi